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DDDream is devoted to creating a fluid entity between cultures. We specialize in the licensing and distribution of independent films and world renowned books for the Chinese market.

For over a decade, we have successfully packaged, and distributed over 300 highly acclaimed independent and studio films and licensed a series of best selling books including, 'The 48 Laws of Power' by American author Robert Greene.

With expert knowledge of the film distribution process and regulations in China, DDDream is the trusted source for independent films seeking to be released in China. We classify our film distribution into two categories: DDDREAM DISCOVERY and DDDREAM CLASSICS




With a unique passion and strong vision for scouting exceptional films prior to their commercial release, DDDream collaborates with state owned enterprises and media outlets to provide the films with effective distribution and visilbility in China. Titles include: The Hurt LockerThe QueenTsotsi, and most recently, the Oscar winning film, 'The King's Speech'.


Our Classics series refers to our repertoire of Academy Award winning films and other internationally acclaimed titles that we have proudly brought to Chinese audiences over the years. Such titles include masterpieces such as Central StationA Room with a ViewOrlando,The Girl with the Pearl Earring, andTraffic.



DDDream currently holds the Chinese distribution rights for three of the most widely acclaimed books of world-renowned author, Robert Greene.

Through strategic partnerships with local publishing agencies, DDDream successfully packaged, distributed and marketed the Mandarin language versions of the books. They are:

  1. The 48 Laws of Power

  2. The Art of Seduction

  3. The 33 Strategies of War



Distribution & Licensing





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