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Pioneered by DDDream, Branding China is a unique media platform devoted to the critical and efficient communication between top-tiered Chinese leaders and 35,000 of the most influential decision-makers and leaders around the world.

As an integral section published within LEADERS magazine, Branding China reaches a world club of power where visions are broadened and inspired.

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Based in New York, LEADERS is an exclusive DM magazine that serves as a dynamic interactive channel for heads of states, political leaders, and executives of top-tiered multinational companies and financial institutions. It is a publication by, and for the global elite.

In the past thirty-three years, LEADERS has always followed one principle: being the platform where decision makers around the world can objectively and truthfully express their thoughts.




The objectives of Branding China are:

1. To understand the leadership
   that drives the rapid China

2. To cultivate a stage for current
   and future Chinese leaders to
   contribute and gain visibility in
   the international community

3. To provide opportunities for
   Western leaders to showcase
   their China growth and to be
   their Chinese collaborator's
   strategic resource in gaining
   international exposure


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