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At the core of DDDream, our vision is to maximize the influential power and value of products and services through:

  1. Positioning and branding cultural products to thrive in modern day China

  2. Mobilizing and integrating resources from east and west

  3. Promoting and facilitating cross-cultural fluency


' Art is the way of life,
and the culture
is the content '

- Elizabeth Yang,
Founder of DDDream

Established in 2002, DDDream has over fifteen years of experience providing multi-platform media services to clients looking to gain efficient entry and penetration into the challenging Chinese market. 

By integrating our global perspective with local knowledge, we create unique and effective strategies and solutions. 

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Discovering and licensing quality international independent films in China

  2. Launching China-focused PR platform in New York based LEADERS magazine

  3. Providing consultig services for media, film production, and Location Based Entertainment (LBE)



TEL: 8610-84549416 / 18        FAX: 8610-84476346        EMAIL: info@dddream.com

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